Thursday, March 22, 2007

LOST 3-13 "The Man from Tallahassee" aka "The Secret Origin of John Locke"

Wow. Is anybody else’s head exploding right about now?

First off, most of my co-workers are grumbling about Locke blowing up the submarine. I think we can agree that was not a smart move, but I stand firm that the decision was in character for Locke. Locke loves the island. Remember in Season One when he bopped Sayid over the head and ruined the whole ‘triangulation’ plan they were working? And there’s always the chance that Locke knows a vital reason for Jack to stay on the island – maybe something he saw in the smoke, maybe Desmond said something. (We haven’t seen that Locke knows about the Freaky FutureVision™ , but it’s not impossible.) Whether we find out more on that score or not, Locke seems to know more about the island than anybody, and he’s also easily manipulated. Pretend to be his friend once, and he’ll have a blind spot for life. And he’s had some dark times when he lost faith in the island – when he lost the use of his legs, for example. Or in the time between finding the Pearl and blowing up the Swan – Locke was miserable and directionless. And having a history of clinical depression, that’s a bad place for him to be. Basically, considering that Locke has a history of zealotry, knowing things, and being manipulated, any combination of those three accounts for his actions. I’m not saying Jack won’t be justified in punching him, you understand.

So, the title is ‘The Man from Tallahassee’. Both Sawyer and Jack’s dad have made negative references to Tallahassee in the past. (Sawyer picked up an STD there.) Also, James Ford (Sawyer’s real name) was a three-term mayor of the city back in the 70’s and 80’s.

‘Peter Talbot’, the young man who came to see Locke, is also the name of a 17th Century Archbishop of Dublin. He has a lengthy article in the Catholic Encyclopedia, none of which seemed especially pertinent.
‘Adam Seward’, the name Locke’s father was using this time out, is the name of a linebacker who plays for the Carolina Panthers. The mysterious Don cites Lostpedia – if you put ‘Anthony Cooper’ and ‘Adam Seward’ together, you get ‘Sawyer, the con man, a poor dad’. I’m actually amazed by that one. And now it’s clicked into place --What if Locke’s dad is the original Sawyer? I’ve long thought that he might have crossed paths with Sawyer, but what if he’s the one who started it all? I don’t know if anybody else has been saying this, but I’m actually really excited about this hypothesis!

Ah, one last Locke fake-out at the beginning there, when they were talking about his disability and it turned out to be depression.

Could anybody identify what Locke was watching when Peter arrived? Based on a mention of Bolivian gold deposits, I feel like it must have been “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, but I wouldn’t swear to it. Or else it was the news. I initially assumed it was the news and then changed my tune.

Wow. Locke’s dad is way more evil than I would have imagined. He was really willing to kill his son. By the way, Bad Dad poured out a bottle of McCutcheon’s whiskey, which you probably remember from Desmond’s episode. And speaking of minutiae, note that Locke was in a wheelchair for 4 years after falling 8 stories. The numbers, people! Good thing he didn’t fall for 23 stories, eh?

That last flashback was absolutely heartbreaking, wasn’t it? Maybe if the other Lostaways could see Locke’s flashbacks, they wouldn’t want to strangle him for blowing stuff up all the time.

I wrote in my notes this week “Benry is funny. Also evil.”

Have we seen Jack play the piano before? I seem to think we saw him and Sarah play together in the pre-wedding flashback. Or else Dr. House has convinced me that all TV doctors play the piano.

So Benry was born on the island, and most of the other Others weren’t. That’s interesting. A lot of what we see this week really points to Benry being the actual leader of the Others, doesn’t it? I wonder if any of them have ever met this ‘magnificent man’ Mikhail spoke of, or if they’re lying in wait for him to arrive. Much like the CHRISTIAN faith waits for the return of the Good SHEPHERD. I’m just saying…

Also, if Benry was born on the island, then he isn’t Alex’s father after all. Rousseau’s husband was part of her expedition – I’ll have to check that episode. Was she pregnant when they landed on the island? If not, I guess it’s possible that there was a crazy breeding experiment, but I’ll research that one.

I decided over the course of this episode, that if somebody were actually to refer to him as ‘Benry’, it would be the single greatest moment of my life.

I think Locke is right about the island – it’s not helping Benry because he’s cheating. Certainly the island has been kindest to Locke when his faith has been strongest. Start getting obsessed with a hatch and your life falls apart. Plus, he sounded so much like Sean that I expected him to start extolling the virtues of mass transit and using the phrase “It’s just like in ‘Slacker’…”. Clearly, it’s been a long time since Island Magic worked for Benry if he developed the tumor in the first place.

And then there’s Benry’s talk of a wishing box. First off, I don’t think it’s a literal box. He was just trying to get under Locke’s skin with that. Remember how Walt seemed able to make his wishes come true? (Stopping the rain in Season One, Vincent appearing out of nowhere, etc.) And Walt could apparently do it before coming to the Island – remember the flashback where he’s looking at a picture of an extinct bird and suddenly it flies into the window? Apparently it happened more than once, since Brian was afraid of him. I can’t figure out how it ties together, but I’m certain that it does. Maybe that’s what Miss Klugh was willing to die to keep secret? This has something to do with their interest in Walt. I’m open to suggestions here.

Hey, Richard Alpert lives on the island! We last saw him recruiting Juliet for Mittelos. It’s unlikely that I’ll ever see him without yelling ‘Batmanuel!’
And then there’s the kicker. Bad Dad is in the storage closet! How long has he been there? He looks like he’s been roughed up, so he’s probably not a real Other. When did he get to the island? How? Why? That was actually so shocking that I don’t even have conjecture at this point.

Next week, somebody dies. They might just whack an unnamed character, as they’ve done in the past, but I’m going to make a completely uninformed guess and say it’s Alex’s boyfriend, Karl.

Ever yours,

The Real Sawyer

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