Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heroes 2-1 -- "Four Months Later"

You guys weren't expecting to see Mr. Muggles again, were you?

For the last couple of days, I haven't really been able to focus on anything that isn't Heroes-related. It's sort of like Christmas Eve, you know?

I've tried to stay clear of casting news and spoilers for Heroes, so my reaction when Takezo Kensei took off his mask was a boisterous yell of "Holy crap, it's Sark!" (He was a villain on Alias, and his character was a lot of fun. Swear Jar Buddy Kelli was also very excited about his appearance.) And in case you didn't notice, the guy who recruited Mohinder was Stephen Tobolowsky, one of the most frequently employed character actors in the business. Most people remember him from "Groundhog Day", but he's been in everything. He was last seen as a creepy lawyer on John from Cincinnati. And now he turns things to gold. Always got a trick up his sleeve, that guy.

Pretty neat trick to jump ahead four months. That's how long it's been since the season finale, which is kind of clever.

From Mohinder's lecture, it seems that the disease that killed his sister and nearly killed Molly is becoming more widespread. Certain things in the episode indicated that he's considered less of a kook these days. He's not completely mainstream, but people were actually listening to his lecture, and Maya had a copy of his book. I wonder if something happened in those four months to increase public acceptance.

Hey, new characters! Maya and Alejandro, and they're wanted for murder. I'm not clear on what Maya's power is, but it kills a lot of people. It seemed like she's infectious or produces plague or something. Her brother probably has powers too, but it's pretty clear that he's never manifested them. I liked the way they looked at it, as a trial from God. That's an angle that didn't come up in the first season, and it could be interesting to see her treating her power as a hardship that she must overcome.

Did you guys miss Hiro as much as I did? "You wear glasses like a doctor." Hee. Anyway, the revelation about Kensei is interesting, to say the least. He's not only not Japanese, but he certainly isn't a hero. Poor Hiro's been inspired by a fraud all this time. And he's learned that it is possible to change history, so this whole thing where Kensei isn't achieving his heroic tasks is a little worrisome.

Man, those Bennetts aren't so good at blending in, are they? Nice touch how Noah used a paper company as a front before, and now he's working at a copy shop. If there's ever a box labeled 'Dunder Mifflin' in the background, I'm going to freak out. By the way, he's seen lugging a paper box from 'Haberkern'. That's an odd name, and it's on screen for quite a while. If this were Lost, it would be an anagram for something, but this might just be a weird name. Have to watch for that.

I liked the scenes with Clare in school. They had sort of a "Mean Girls" vibe, and it's nice to see that she's as accident-prone as ever. Now, the 'Robots and Aliens' boy (Did he have a name? That's the sort of thing I'd look up, but it's almost bedtime. And I know that certain people are going to e-mail me if this isn't done by 9 AM.) is interesting. He flies, which is not as impressive on this show as it would be on, say, Gilmore Girls. However, this is the first time we've seen a repeated power. It seems like that must be uncommon, or else Sylar would have gone after one of the other indestructible people. Is he a clone of Nathan, or are there some genetic engineering shenanigans? Or maybe he's a robot (or an alien). As far as I can recall, and I can't finish the DVD's until I get this week's pilots reviewed, the only cases where we know the powers of parents and siblings alike are Clare, with her flying dad and pyrokinetic mom, and Micah, with super-strong schizo mom and intangible dad. Now, it could be the case that if only one parent has powers, they pass it on directly. Flying dad and normal mom have flying boy. Given that Nathan can't keep in his pants, there could be dozens of flying kids out there!

Yay! Matt's alive! Plus he's back on the force, divorced, and playing My Two Dads with Mohinder. His first scene was nicely set-up – it looked like he'd gone all dark and violent, just like in the "Five Years Later" future. Last season, Molly said that the boogeyman could see her, and here she is, drawing his creepy eyes. And this, I believe, is the first time that the symbol has indicated menace. It was either positive or puzzling throughout Season One.

And speaking of that, we've got the season's big mystery: The mystery man who seems intent on wiping out the older generation of Heroes. Based on dialogue this episode, there was apparently a group of twelve, some years back. That group included Linderman, the Petrelli parents, Hiro's dad, and somebody whose name I didn't catch because of George Takei's accent. I think his first name was 'Charles', and I don't know if we've seen him before. (Edit: It was Charles DeVeaux, Simone's father. Everything sounds clearer in the morning.) One of the 12 is apparently the killer. With the focus on legacies, I think it's safe to assume that many of the 12 are parents of the current generation of Heroes. (Interestingly, of that older generation, we've only seen Linderman's powers. It's been indicated that the Petrelli parents and Hiro's dad have powers, but we don't know what they are.) And poor George Takei. Hiro's going to be crushed when he comes back from the past.

Finally, there's Nathan. Alive and drunk. I'm glad to see him back, as his own moral gray areas provide a nice contrast to the other characters. Now, when he looks in the mirror and sees Peter's badly burned face staring back at him, I don't think that's symbolism. I think Peter is inside him the way Jessica is inside Niki; he picked up her power in the big fight at the end of last season. That crazy feral Peter in the shipping container is Peter's body, but there's somebody else's soul in there. (And what is he doing chained up in a shipping container?) Plus, Feral Peter is wearing the symbol around his neck, and it's clear that means bad news this year.

Or else I'm wrong.

I might be missing something because of all the tiredness, so I may have more to say later. Regardless, Heroes is back, baby!

Ever yours,
Mr. Muggles


Don said...

Who killed the George Takei? Was it nameless-floating-teen-friend-guy? I think so.

Is there a political statement being made by the fact the Mexican immigrants can commit mass murder or spread a plague? Who's writing this show? The Minute Men?

OK. That's all I got. Read my blog, Swear Jar fans ...donniego.blogspot.com.

-Mysterious Don

DF said...

I don't think it was the flying kid that killed George. It was clearly someone that he knew and, at least in my mind, it seem like it was one of the twelve. Seemed like Takei threw himself off the building. He either did it to kill the other guy too, or, knowing that one or both of them would actually survive the fall he was just trying to put some distance between Big Bad and Ando.

Also, best line of the show: "I am done eating your crap." Noah is Batman.

EJ said...

I've got to agree that it was one of the 12 who did the killing. George's dialogue indicated that's what he believed at any rate.

I'm not sure you can read anything political into the immigrants. Heroes has a multi-ethnic cast, so you're always going to have issues with racial identity. If a black character had super strength or speed, well, that's playing into racial stereotypes. You can overthink it.

Plus, any political statement would be balanced out by the idea that last season, a serial killer was masquerading as the President.

EJ said...

And the second best line of the episode? "Oh no. I broke history."