Monday, May 26, 2008

Most Improved of the Season

--Well, with the season just about wrapped up, I think it's safe to bestow my "Most Improved" trophy, and it goes to a show I actually liked a lot when it first started. And that show is Reaper. It started with a great premise, kid finds out his parents sold his soul to the Devil, so now he's Hell's bounty hunter. The characters were solid, with the relationship between Sam and Sock being particularly nice. The romantic intrigue was halfway decent, and the cast was great, especially Ray Wise as Satan. However, the premise didn't develop for the longest time. By the time the strike shut everything down, Reaper had fallen into a "Monster of the Week" rut. And while the individual episodes were clever and well-executed, it was still a rut.

I sort of feel like the Reaper staff wrote in secret during the strike, because as soon as it came back, they really opened up the mythology. Between Sam's dad tearing pages out of the contract and Steve and Tony, the gay fallen angels, the show went from being entertaining to being legitimately interesting. So now, at the end of the season, we've got the possibility that Satan is really Sam's father and that Sam's (supposed) parents are apparently demons. All of a sudden, we're into must-watch territory. And now the CW renewed it for next season, so I'm officially geeked. (As opposed to being unofficially geeked.)

--Did you realize that when Heroes comes back, it's going to be nine-and-a-half months from the last episode? As an HBO fan, I guess I'm not as bothered by this as some people would be. (Two years for 13 episodes for The Sopranos? No problem!) I can't decide if that's going to put people off or not. I mean, it's not like they've suddenly restructured their lives to incorporate all that free time on Monday nights. And even if they did, you know, DVR. At least Heroes ended last season with some closure and a cliffhanger. Other shows left hanging, like Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money, just sort of petered out without any kind of season finale. I liked DSM a lot (so much so that I use an abbreviation), but I could not tell you what happened in the last episode if you offered me cash money, and I spend way more time thinking about this kind of stuff than most people do.

On the other hand, one of the new characters on Heroes is a pretty girl with super-speed. Considering that I have a 14-year uninterrupted run of The Flash and I'm a big fan of pretty girls, I have to assume that the producers of Heroes are sending me a late birthday present with this announcement.

And speaking of schedule gaps, when was the last time we saw a new episode of The Sarah Silverman Program? Has anybody heard when the new episodes are scheduled? I can only watch the Season One DVD's so many times, after all. OK, that's not true. Evidence suggests I can watch the Season One DVD's an infinite number of times. Still, I'd like to see some new episodes.

That's all I've got today. Big ups to the Veterans!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guess Who Acknowledged My Existence?

--Man, my blogging has been subpar lately. Sure, I've been writing my butt off over on spunkybean, and I did just get a Wii, so my time's pretty much spoken for. I'm trying to get back to writing something long-form, too. I have two book ideas, one of which I came up with while on vacation and then the very next week Swear Jar Buddy Sean said "You know what you should write about...", and it was same thing I'd already started. I take that as a good sign. The other idea is actually a concept that I've been living with for six years now, and it's high time to do something with it. At one point, Notable Sawyer was going to film it, but the progress is so slow and when you look at the footage you can see what we looked like when we were young. It would be jarring to add scenes now. Some of those scenes are five years old, and the years have not been kind to us. Anyway, point is, I've going to try and turn the whole thing into a book. I've got notebooks full of scenes and ideas, so this is just going to be a labor of love. I'll keep you posted.

--Hey, I forgot to mention this, but my review of Todd Barry's new CD was linked on Todd's website -- check it out! You know what that is? That's awesome! Todd Barry has acknowledged my existence, which means I've met half of my goals. (Now if somebody uses the name "Benry" on Lost, I can die happy.)

Of course to put this in perspective, I was all set to brag about this to my friends and then Swear Jar Buddy Lana led with "I saved a guy's life today". Needless to say, the Todd Barry story went on the old backburner. Still, you have to admit, that's pretty awesome.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Paging Adebisi....

--The local news reports that the dirtbags who robbed and shot Dave have been arrested. Good. I know it doesn't fix anything, but it's good to know. I'm a little ashamed of this dark side of mine, but I really hope these guys end up getting pragged something fierce.

--To nobody's surprise, I liked Iron Man a whole bunch. The second best Marvel movie, next to Spider-Man 2. And in a rarity for me, I liked the movie version better than the comic. Not just because Tony's been a complete tool for years now. I'll have piece on spunkybean later in the week, but let's just say I've got nothing but love for Iron Man right now. And the Nick Fury cameo was just pure nerd porn. And unlike most nerd porn, it wasn't overly distracting for the general populace. Let's face it, Samuel L. Jackson is awesome, and "The Avengers Initiative" just sounds cool. One of these days, I'll have to outline my thoughts on that potential franchise. Long story short, I'd rather have cool minor characters who can't support a movie on their own as a back-up for Iron Man, rather than cramming in the big guns. I mean, I love Captain America, but I think he'll come off as hokey in live-action. Give us some Hawkeye and Vision. They don't need origin stories. Make them Iron Man's team, and you could really have yourself a movie.

--And yes, the trailer for The Spirit is as bad as I'd feared. I actually swore at the trailer. Hate that trailer so much. That trailer is my mortal enemy. I only take solace in the fact that no matter what Frank Miller does, he can't actually get into my house and destroy my collection of Spirit Archives. Well, he probably could. It's not like seven pounds of dog would stop him. He probably just wouldn't take the time.

--Ready for something awesome? Swear Jar Buddy Lana goes to the same gym as Shaq! That's right! Of course, like me, she is primarily a fan not of his basketball but of his work with fat kids. I'm sure we're all united in hoping that he finds some overweight youngsters in his new hometown.

--OK, next time I'll be back on TV and trying to limit my discussion of superheroes. Join me in a couple of days for a post-mortem on Scrubs. Fingers crossed that it moves over to ABC, of course.